What does Embracewa.org do With The Data We Collect?

Embrace Washington uses the data we collect via this website or any of our other partners exclusively to support our mission of supporting foster families. Embrace Washington never sells, shares, or distributes any personally identifying information except where required to by law. Otherwise, we take the privacy of our stakeholders seriously and work hard to protect that privacy.

How does Embracewa.org Collect Data?

Web Analytics

Embracewa.org uses cookies to help us understand which marketing channel our visitors arrived from. Embracewa.org uses Google Analytics and Squarespace Analytics. Read the privacy policy for Google Analytics or Squarespace via their respective websites.

Contact Us Form

Embracewa.org also collects data using our Contact Us form which forwards email to info@embracewa.org. We use this information to respond to questions, requests, or other queries submitted through the form.

Online Donations

Embracewa.org uses Squarespace's donations feature to collect money from our generous donors. This form uses Stripe as a payment gateway and all ecommerce transactions are conducted with SSL enabled on the website. The donations form collects the personally identifying information Embrace Washington needs to maintain for bookkeeping purposes and a copy of those transactions are backed-up with Squarespace.

The contact information for our donors is also stored in our Contact Relationship Management Software (CRM) called Insightly. Insightly is a CRM designed for small organizations like Embrace Washington. You can read Insightly's Privacy Policy on their website. 


From time to time, Embrace Washington will send newsletters to our constituents via MailChimp. MailChimp has a native integration with our website and with Insightly. MailChimp complies with all CAN SPAM regulations and offers any of our subscribers a one-click unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email. Read MailChimp's Privacy Policy on their website.

Google Drive

Embrace Washington uses G Suite for Nonprofits, which means we may occasionally store some of the information we collect in G Drive, Google's online file storage service. You can read G Suite's Privacy Policy on their website.

How can I request that Embrace Washington delete my data?

Please submit your request in writing to info@embracewa.org or call us at +1 509-381-5370. One of our team will work with you to delete as much of your data from our records as we can.